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Michelle's House is a fully accredited preschool with low 1:6 student/teacher ratios in every classroom, except our infant room which provides a 1:3 ratio.

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What fun it is to have parking spaces for our cars! Wait! These spaces are numbered. This young student decided to match the number of cars he put in each space to the number of the parking space. He's having so much using his imagination while we observe his understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities, his ability to count to cardinality, his skill at counting verbally, and his use of one-to-one correspondence. All those mathematic skills being developed through play.

Our outdoor classroom provides plenty of opportunity for exploring nature and all its wonders.

The children on a rainy day doing Zumba.

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Join us for another Michelle's House Family Night At Chuck E. Cheese on Friday, February 3rd, 3-9pm