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Our faculty of Early Childhood Educators understand the importance of these first years.  The right curriculum can have a real impact on your child’s

development.  Curriculum alone won’t allow your child to reach his or her potential and one curriculum does not fit every child.  Learning is a not a one-size-fits-all system. You want a developmentally appropriate curriculum partnered with individualized attention presented in a loving, nurturing, safe environment.  Michelle’s International Learning House encompasses that environment.

We use the acclaimed Creative Curriculum, an ELC (Early Learning Coalition) approved curriculum, in conjunction with the influence of early learning philosophers like Piaget, Montessori, Smilansky, and Vygotsky mixed with current research and the principles of Reggio, Anji, and the best strategies from around the world.  Children learn best when they are actively engaged.  To this end, our very best lesson plans come from child initiated discoveries that foster curiosity, imagination, and creativity.  Teachers facilitate and guide as children explore themes through both planned and open-ended discovery possibilities.  Our teachers observe children’s investigations, listening carefully to their questions and conversations, so that they can plan activities that revolve around those things that are of interest to the children.

Emergent literacy, math, science, language, social studies, art, and music are all woven into the intricate patterns of exploration, investigation, and structured lesson plans to achieve academic success for all of our children.  These subject areas are intertwined into the eight C’s of our program: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, content, creative innovation, culture, and confidence.

A child’s parents are their very first teachers.  We view our families as partners in the education process and they play an integral role at Michelle’s House.  We encourage your participation in any form, whether you would enjoy being a guest reader or you have a specific skill or talent to share, each person has something of value to give.