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I am so very pleased to recommend this wonderful learning childcare center to all families with young children! The owner, Jill Cerchione, has been in the field of early childhood education for many years. I have had the distinct honor of knowing and working with her when she first began her career over 25 years ago! Her passion for teaching and her dedication to young children and their families is unsurpassed. Your child will flourish in a warm, loving environment and become school ready through activities that are developmentally appropriate and designed to make learning fun! You will not be disappointed with Michelle's International Learning House! Irene Butcher,
VP of Community Development
YMCA Broward County
So family oriented and a big part of the community! Love this place! Chris and Brittany Hill
My children only attended for two short weeks. However, in that short amount of time I as well as my 3 and 4 year olds learned a lot. They are a family run establishment and the love is felt immediately. My 4 yr old was in the VPK class and learned the months, days of the week, pledge of allegiance, and numerous other things in such a short period of time. The kids really enjoyed being there and were very sad to leave. Don't judge a book by it's cover! The school is small but the technology and care for the children is huge. Love the way they communicate with the parents and staff with the cell phone app, it's secured with finger print check in, and they do tons of fun activities and field trips. I can't say enough about Michelle's learning house. I thank the owners and staff for making my children's first experience away from home an excellent one. Tiffany Hudson Harris
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jill Cerchione for over 20 years as fellow colleague and a friend. Jill’s ability to transform the lives of young people coupled with her ability to mold her staff into amazing leaders in early childhood education is nothing short of her excellent dedication to the field. Her gift of transforming the lives of young people begins with a simple philosophy of children are her priority and her priority is to develop young minds with skills for success. Her creative energies to build her program around play fosters learning opportunities in the most fun-filled environment. The smiles and laughters of the children in her program demonstrate their learning is nothing more than a fun-filled game or activity. As a past certified child care trainer for the State of Florida, YMCA of the USA and several other child care training groups, without a doubt, Jill exemplifies the importance of developmentally appropriate practices, inclusion and a strong focus on child and family centered programming. Her infectious energy and excitement is transferred to her staff, where she ultimately helps them reach their full potential by providing opportunities for them to build their skills and become better early childhood leaders through better understanding the needs of their children, families, communities and their center. Opening Michelle’s International Learning House was a great milestone in honoring her sister as well as fulfilling her dream, her passion and ultimately leaving a footprint to leaving a better tomorrow for today’s children. Robert W Kovacs
Michelle's International Learning House, since their very start of the transition from the old owners, this family run establishment is absolutely amazing and above any child care learning school I have ever encountered. I have three children that attend Michelle's House, one in the aftercare program, one in their VPK program, and a two year old in the program and let me tell you my two year old is learning soooooo much! Every day I ask my kids what they have learned in school and my two year old is able to share with me all the shapes she has learned AND how many sides they each have. I was shocked! Every staff is so loving, warm, caring and just take the time out to know you. They are not all about business but tender love and care for the families and the care of our children. I feel so comfortable when I drop my children off and my kids love them. Both Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Cara are absolutely amazing people. I love them! They are so nurturing to each and every child and pay attention to every detail that goes on with each child. I wish they could go up to high school but I guess preschool will do for now. If your child attends Michelle's International Learning House I guarantee you will not regret it! I am so glad they are the new owners. Keep up the amazing work Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Cara!