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Preschool / VPK

Our preschool and free VPK programs are filled with opportunities for investigation, exploration, and discovery.  Children will gain new knowledge and skills and scaffold on the previous knowledge. 

Our professional, nurturing staff uses child guided inquiry and intentional teaching strategies to give your child the best educational experience while building a love of learning.  Our faculty will engage your child in fun-filled, meaningful experiences that lead to success throughout their school years. 

Our Creative Curriculum, along with best play-based practices from around the world, aligns our goals with educational excellence. 

Free VPK  

*Inquire about our free tablet for VPK students*.  

Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program or VPK is a free educational program that prepares 4-year-olds for kindergarten and beyond. Children must live in Florida and be 4 on or before September 1 of the school year they enroll. Parents can choose from private child care centers or public schools and school-year or summer programs. Parents of 4-year-olds with special needs have an option outside the classroom setting ‒ VPK Specialized Instructional Services (VPKSIS).

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Qualifications of the Free VPK program:

Your child must be 4-years-old by September 1 of the program year. In order to prove your child’s age, you will be required to submit one of the following: 

  • An original or certified copy of the your child’s birth record
  • An original or certified copy of the child’s certificate of baptism or other religious record of the birth
  • An insurance policy on the child’s life, which has been in effect for the last two years
  • A passport or certificate of the child’s arrival in the U.S.
  • An immunization record signed by public health officials or a physician
  • Florida SHOTS documentation
  • A valid military dependent identification card

In addition, in order to attend the free VPK program you will also be required to show documentation that proves your child resides in Broward County. You will be required to submit one of the following to show such proof:

  • Government-issued document (such as a Florida driver’s license)
  • Military order showing that the child’s parent is a service member in the U.S. Armed Forces and is assigned to duty in Florida
  • Signed and dated rent receipt or lease agreement, which shows full address
  • Recent utility bill, which shows full address

The children outlined each other in blocks. It was an opportunity not just for counting, but for comparisons, shape discussion, creativity (they used different poses), and to practice patience, the art of negotiation, and turn taking. The outlines took some time depending on which children were doing them. Younger children discussed shapes and sizes. The older children graphed their findings. This activity was born as an extension to the children's exploration of non-standard measuring. They had previously used Lego's to measure themselves vertically. Here they use non-standard measurement to measure horizontal and odd shapes.